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At Floor Mat, a Rubber-Cal Store, we are the authority on doormats, rubber matting, and specialty flooring products! We offer a huge line of rubber flooring and rubber mats to make your home or workplace safer, more stylish, functional, and more comfortable at an incredibly-affordable price!

Large Inventory: We have a large inventory and ship all products from our Santa Ana, California warehouse. We are not an Internet storefront: we will never drop-ship products from third party locations, which is why most orders ship in 24-hours!

Fast & Affordable Shipping: We ship all of our stocked items, including some custom-cut rolls, within 24 hours of your order. This means faster delivery to any of the 48 contiguous United States! Our shipping rates are the lowest in the industry. Enjoy fast, affordable shipping rates no matter where you’re located.

Great Customer Care: Since we sell our own branded products, our staff knows the specifications and workings of every product we offer. Our customer service staff is happy to help you every Monday through Friday, between 6 AM and 5 PM Pacific Standard Time. Our Products:

Every home, every office, and every commercial or industrial workplace starts from the ground up. This being the case, the flooring that you bring into these places can truly set the tone for these environments in many ways, whether it be for safety, comfort, efficiency, or aesthetics. When it comes to fulfilling the flooring needs of any space, there isn’t a better option than Floor Mat, a Rubber-Cal Store. For years, Floor Mat has been a trusted brand of the Rubber-Cal product line, bringing customers across the entire United States quality service and products, ranging from doormats, playground surfacing, gym flooring, safety surfacing, carpet matting, as well as floors for industrial and commercial use.

Rubber Floor Mats: Because we are an industrial rubber company, we know rubber products inside and out. We inventory a large assortment of rubber mats and flooring so we can give you more choices. Our rubber floor mats are durable, affordable, and perfect for a wide variety of uses!

Non-Slip Mats: Rubber’s natural surface friction makes it a great non-slip floor surface. A rubber floor’s high coefficient of friction reduces movement and increases traction, even in wet areas. That’s why our rubber floor mats are ideal safety flooring for those slippery areas!

Doormats: Doormats are made to safeguard commercial and residential entryways by wiping dirt and mud from incoming shoes. We offer a large variety of coco mats, rubber doormats, as well as boot scrapers that can add personality to any doorway!

Garage Mats: A garage floor is more than just a place to store your car. Home garages can be used as workshops, garage gyms, playrooms and more. That’s why our garage flooring offers excellent wear life. These rubber garage mats are easy to install, reasonably priced, and tough enough for abrasive conditions.

Gym Mats: Our sturdy rubber gym flooring prevents your existing floors from deteriorating, protects fitness equipment from hard floor surfaces, and makes your home or commercial gym a safe, comfortable and upbeat place to work out. Our DIY rubber floors have appeared on a range of popular TV shows. Use them as standard gym flooring in any home or commercial gym!

What’s New in September

The end of August heralds the beginning of the end of summer. To keep yourself cool in these last remaining hot summer days, Floor Mat Company is offering fantastic deals on select rubber runner mats, rubber flooring tiles and carpet floor mats! These are great flooring options to have for areas such as gyms, basements, shops, garages, and more. They can help keep both you and the existing floors of an area protected from physical harm. Rubber is a fantastic material that provides better traction for your feet and a barrier against physical harm. Some of them even serve to make the whole area look more aesthetically pleasing. Come and check out the great deals we have going on this September, and remember that all orders over $499 can qualify for free shipping!

Corrugated Fine Rib Runner Mats: This product is 15% for the month of September. These rubber runner mats offer excellent traction due to their grooved surface design. The finely ridged surface pattern is more prone to scraping and offers added grip for applications where dirt and moisture are prevalent. The corrugated mat is also ideal for floor protection and safety in commercial and industrial quarters. We also suggest this mat for wet and slippery outdoor areas where added toehold and footing is a must and a long doormat is required.

Revolution Diamond-Plate Interlocking Tile: Available at a 15% discount for the duration of September, this diamond pattern tile is a 3ft x 3ft interlock flooring option that is great for use in places like gyms. This textured tile flooring is designed with an industrial-style surface that helps to improve traction while you are on the move. These rubber surfaces can be installed with ease. They feature ridges that snap on to each other. It makes for a great DIY project that will save you some money!

Nottingham Rubber Backed Carpet Mat: Get this rubber backed carpet for 25% off during September! Carpet floor mats are a unique item in our inventory due to their synthetic carpet surfaces. The “Nottingham” carpet mat is best used as an entry mat for the front entryways of your home or office. This is a rubber backed carpet that sticks to surfaces better because the vinyl backing can grip surfaces. In effect, it acts as anti-slip flooring.

August 2015 updates

How excited are you for August? We are very excited that August has finally come around! During this month, we have great deals going on for various rubber floor mat products that can be used in gyms, playgrounds, basements, and more! We are offering two particular exercise equipment mat options for your hard-hitting exercise routine this summer. In addition to that, we are even offering themed outside doormats to decorate your front door in the summer spirit! Remember that all orders over $499 qualify for free shipping.

“Revolution” Interlocking Floor Tiles: Start a revolution this August by getting these interlocking rubber mats at a special 15% rate! They are interlocking tiles that are 3ft x 3ft each. Installing them is a very easy process as each tile is designed to snap into the other. They are perfect for use as gym flooring mats. Many people tend to use it not only as flooring for a gym, but also as anti-fatige mats, basement flooring, industrial workshop flooring, and more! It is made using both natural and recycled rubbers, making it a durable and affordable eco-friendly flooring product.

“Shark Tooth” Heavy-Duty Floor Mat: Now available at a 10% discount for August, these heavy-duty mats are among our toughest mats available! Each rubber floor mat is made of 100% domestic recycled rubber, making it a very cost-effective and eco-friendly product. It can function perfectly as an exercise equipment mat. In fact, it is meant for physically abrasive applications. These eco-friendly heavy-duty mats will be sure to last you many more summers to come!

“It’s Summer!” Beach Doormat: What better way to cool off this scorching hot August than to go to the beach? These beach-themed outside doormats are a lovely addition to any home. Beach enthusiasts will love the design on this mat as it reflects their personality and interests. This summer doormat is made of eco-friendly coir material. It will soak up water and scrape off dirty shoes with ease, helping to keep your indoor areas clean from the messy conditions outdoors. All doormats are available at a 25% discount this August.

July 2015 updates

July is the month where America celebrates its independence. It is in the middle of summer time and people are intent on celebrating in any way they can. Part of this celebration can involve getting in shape for the beach or the 4th of July bash your friend is throwing, or it can also involve extended periods of time in the kitchen making the perfect dishes for your party. Floor Mat Company has your flooring needs covered this month. We are offering great flooring options like anti-slip mats, anti-fatigue kitchen mats and coir matting that can help keep you safe on your feet and keep things around you a bit cleaner. Don’t miss out on these great deals and remember that all orders over $499 qualify for free shipping!

Diamond-Plate Rubber Mats: Now at 20% off during the month of July, the Diamond-Plate rubber mats are a great surfacing option for any commercial or industrial area that needs durable high quality anti-slip mats. The surface is designed with a “diamond-plate” texture that is specifically meant to enhance traction and stability. They are available in standard widths of 4ft and their lengths can be customized up to 50 continuous feet! When you need reliable traction mats, look no further than these rugged flooring rolls.

Dura-Chef ½” Comfort Mats: If you need a drainage mat, then look no further! Available at 25% off this month, the ½” thick Dura-Chef anti-fatigue kitchen mats combine excellent drainage and safety features with better overall levels of comfort for those who are standing on top of them. They come with circular holes throughout their body that are meant to facilitate the drainage of liquids and small solid particles. This feature can help keep things clean while you are cooking your main course or mixing up your signature cocktail.

Red, White, & Blue Patriotic Doormat: There is no better doormat to get this month than our flag inspired coir matting. Made of eco-friendly natural coir material, this doormat functions very well in the outdoors because it does not suffer damage from moisture or sunlight. The rough coir fibers of the mat can scrape away dirt, mud, and other outdoor debris off from incoming footwear. Ultimately, the best feature about this product is its patriotic theme. It’s the perfect welcome mat for your 4th of July party!