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Basement Flooring Rubber Stands Up To Persistent Moisture

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Rubber Basement Floors Look Clean and Professional!

A damp basement is one place where rubber basement flooring can be a great idea! Floor Mat Company’s tough rubber tiles or rolls will serve your basement floors regardless of persistent moisture. Whether your cellar doubles as a playroom, a storage area or an extra bedroom, our rubber flooring prevents water damage and makes installation easy!

We suggest flooring basements with durable rubber materials for environments that foster harmful mold and mildew. Because rubber is naturally water resistant, our rubber floor mats offer a clean, safe matting surface for wet environments. These mats survive anything from floods to heavy storage equipment. Our rubber basement flooring is also durable enough for applications that require a little more cushion and comfort. If your underground room doubles as a kids’ play area, our rubber flooring, which is made with naturally elastic material, provides a safe surface that absorbs impact and cushions falls.

Flooring basements with rubber floors are also easier to install than conventional floors. Purchase our rubber floors in custom-cut rolls or easy interlocking tiles for a simple DIY home project! These floormats are easy to fit to the exact size and shape of your area. And after flooding or excessive moisture occurs, these mats can just as easily be removed for fast, easy cleaning!

Protect your basement from moisture, heavy furniture, and other common problems. Invest in durable rubber basement flooring! Our live product specialists are available to help you every Monday through Friday, between 6 AM and 5 PM Pacific Standard Time. Call us at (866) 378-5679!

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