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Laundry Room Mats Absorb the Damaging Vibrations of Laundry Machinery

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Reduce Vibration and Protect Equipment with Our Laundry Room Mats

laundry room mats laundry room mats

Laundry Room Mats Are Thick, Durable, and Affordable, and Will Preserve the Life of Your Sub-Floors

Doing laundry, especially in a family with many children, is often a Herculean task. Laundry room mats offer comfort to individuals standing in the room and protect floors from the damaging vibrations of laundry equipment. Additionally, the rubber mat must keep all moisture—and there is a lot of it! —On the surface of the floor. At Floor Mat Company, we have many floor mats to choose from. Whether you are seeking mats for spot areas or looking to cover an entire room floor, you will find our selection expansive.

The type of mat you choose should have the capability to shield your floor from corrosive moisture. This means keeping spilled water and detergents on the floor mat surface! Laundry room flooring should reduce to the barest minimum the level of contact between your washing machine and the original floor of the room. By extension, the mat will make cleaning the area easier as liquids are retained on its surface. We have many mats that provide these qualities, and they are available in different thicknesses and styles. One segment of our flooring rolls is also sold in custom lengths. This type of packaging makes it easy to cover your floor with the fewest seams! Unlike other sellers that may require you to buy an entire roll that you may not need, Floor Mat Company offers custom-sized rolls cut to your desired lengths. This will make covering your floors easy!

Our laundry room mats are also great for this application because they offer noise and vibration reduction. Unlike other surfaces that may transmit loud sound and vibration throughout your house, our rubber floor mats reduce and dampen vibrations associated with washers and dryers! Our mats keep your laundry room machines stationary by absorbing their knocks, shielding your equipment and preventing faults that may develop due to frequent vibrations. Your will also be protected by the natural cushioning and impact absorption offered by the rubber material of our mats.

Available in many thicknesses and styles, our laundry room floor mats are stocked and ready to ship. Whether you are looking for a full flooring option or a single mat for your washer or dryer, we are sure to have a product for you.

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