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Stair Mats

Stairways can be a lot more dangerous than they seem—especially when moisture is present! Make your stairs safer with Floor Mat Company’s stair mats. Specially designed and sized, our stair treads are perfect for both indoor as well as outdoor applications. Easy to install, our products are ideal for adding slip resistant safety and added traction and grip to any stairway—whether it be in parking structures, apartment complexes, or commercial and industrial locations.

We often use water resistant materials to make our mats, which makes them easy to care for. You can easily run our stair treads under water to give them a thorough cleaning or just brush them off with a broom or a damp mop. Stair mats, apart from offering great safety qualities, can also add some aesthetic appeal. Available in decorative designs some of our mats are lovely to look at while others carry a very professional appearance.

Due to the toughness of the materials we use, our mats can be employed both indoors as well as outdoors. Resilient and durable, our stair mats are well suited for the abrasive conditions of the changing seasons. Even the pressure of being used in high foot-traffic areas will not reduce the high functionality of our products! Place our mats in well-traveled locations because they will act as a barrier that will not just offer safety to individuals but will also protect the edges of your stairs, which can easily be damaged.

A wooden stairwell inside of a home can be a prized centerpiece—but if you have dogs or small children then you know this flooring has to be protected. Stair treads can offer protection while also appearing visually appealing. Even in industrial locations, some of our stair mats are available with industrial-chic textured designs that will provide your work place with a uniform and professional look!

Incredibly easy to install, our stair treads can be used as is or can be paired with double-sided carpet tape to ensure they stay in place. Removal of this semi-permanent installation is simple, meaning that you can easily reuse this product if you move or need to replace them. Even the upkeep is simple! And because we have so many styles we are certain you will find whatever you need for you particular project. Our stair mats are affordable, decorative, and extremely slip-resistant, making this an easy home or work improvement project that will be very easy on your wallet!