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"Diamond Plate" Roll Rubber Matting

"Diamond Plate" Roll Rubber Matting

Industrial Safety Floors, Add Floor Protection to Your Floors!
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Price: $35.80 – $268.50
Price: $35.80
For Custom Cut Lengths, Call 1.866.378.5679
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In Stock. Ships in 24 Hours!
  • Made from 100% weather-resistant SBR
  • Diamond-Plate surface pattern adds extra traction
  • Great for busy commercial retail entrances and walkways
  • Non-slip rubber matting is incredibly lightweight and flexible
  • Affordable rubber mat with excellent durability indoor or outdoor

Premium Floor Protection: Place this rubber matting outside commercial entrances or in industrial buildings to protect well-traveled floors from constant wear and tear. Rubber is a flexible, elastic material that dampens and absorbs vibration. It forms a protective rubber barrier between your floors and industrial equipment, heavy foot traffic, or other abrasive environments.

Specialized Non-Slip Mat Design: Our rubber safety mats are equipped with diamond-pattern surface grips and made with slip-resistant rubber material. Thanks to this specialized design, our Diamond-Plate rubber mats provide fantastic traction in large entryways, aisles, or other highly traveled areas.

Water and Mold Resistance: Protect residential, commercial, or industrial floors from water damage by installing rubber mats with a high natural coefficient of friction. Water-resistant rubber matting repels moisture and prevents mold growth in wet environments. Installing non-slip matting is an easy way to protect warehouses, basements, and outdoor walkways from any moisture, including seasonal rains and flooding.

Affordable Industrial Matting: Diamond-Plate rubber mats are affordable and cost effective because they are made with 100% Styrene-Butadiene Rubber, a devulcanized rubber that is long lasting and abrasion resistant. Place this matting in any factory, warehouse, or assembly line to make the area safer and more comfortable for employees.

Money-Saving Installation: Available in pre-cut or custom-cut lengths up to 50 feet, Diamond-Plate rubber matting saves you time by eliminating hidden costs—specifically the extra costs of unused material, messy adhesives, and professional installers. Buy these rubber floor mats in the dimensions you need and use a double sided for an effective semi-permanent adhesion.

Description:Nothing speaks to industrial flooring aesthetics like the classic Diamond-Plate design. This is a high quality rubber flooring product made from 100% SBR materials. Diamond Plate rubber matting provides enhanced slip-resistance due to its specialized high-traction rubber compound. It is ideal for wet areas and entryways in any industrial space and is useful for protecting floor surfaces and ensuring the safety of employees in a variety of settings.
Material: 100% SBR
Width: 48in
Length: 50ft rolls, Custom lengths up to 50 continuous feet are available upon request.
Thickness: 3mm or 0.12 inches (just under 1/8 inch)
Weight: 0.9 lbs per square foot
Hardness: 60 Shore A Nominal
Compression: 36% @ 50 PSI
Tensile Strength: 600 PSI
Available Colors: Black
Applications:Anti-Slip Protection, Basement Flooring, Boat Deck Mat, Bus Flooring, Catered Events, Commercial Vehicles, Commercial Kitchen Floor Mat, Construction Corridors, Dog Mats for Kennels, Entryways, Fitness exercise Mat, Floor Mat for Van or Delivery Vehicles, Garage Flooring Mat, Golf Courses, Heavy Duty Mats, Hotels, Indoor/Outdoor Aisle-ways, Industrial Shelves, Industrial Floors, Large Floor Mat, Mats for Treadmills, Movie Sets, Non-Slip Floor, Office Buildings, Office Entryways, Outdoor Floor Surfacing, Party Rental, Protector Mat, Restaurant Mats, Scraper Matting, Shelf Liners, Skating Rink Flooring, Special Event Ground Covering, Spike-Proof Applications, Storeroom Flooring, Toolbox Liners, Vibration Control, Warehouse Walkways, Waterproof Flooring, Wet Areas.
Industrial Design:Looking to add a little “Masculine” flair to your space? No other floor design speaks to the industrial scheme more than the Classic Diamond Plate design! Step into any manufacturing plant or small workshop and you will see at least one deck or floor covered with this metal surface texture. Now we make it available in rubber to add flair and enhance your business space.
Temporary Installations:Are you planning to mount this rubber matting in a temporary installation? This rubber flooring roll can be held in place with a double-sided carpet tape! Roll rubber flooring products are easy to “unroll” and install, especially when custom lengths are available to meet your specific requirements.
Sub-Surface:Our Diamond Rubber matting is designed with a textured fabric finish on its backside. This enables the mat to grip any sub-floor more effectively while also reducing the chances of the mat slipping.
Modular Runners:The Diamond Plate floor runner weighs approximately 180 lbs. per 48 inch by 50 ft roll. Use this rubber flooring roll in areas that require a quick and effective slip-resistant floor. This product is lightweight and can be easily stored when not in use for seasonal conditions.
Custom Lengths:The Diamond Plate floor runner is sold in 48inch widths and can be purchased in any custom-cut lengths up to 50ft. Our custom lengths reduce waste, lower overall costs, and make installation easier for our consumers. Easily install one of these rubber runners for instant anti-slip floor protection!
Easy to Clean Floors:This durable floor resists common liquids making it an excellent watertight surface that will prevent the growth of mold and mildew. This keeps moisture on the mat’s surface and reduces the need for cleaning in aisle ways and commercial entryways. Clean these rubber rolls with common commercial or household-cleaning products or with a mop or broom.
Availability:We stock the rubber Diamond Plate mats so that we can generally fill any order within 24 hours (please allow 24 to 48 hours for custom cut lengths).
Full Roll Pricing1-4 Rolls5-19 Rolls20-49 Rolls50+ Rolls
3mm or 1/8" x 48" x 50ft$375.00$346.88$328.13$300.00
Custom Length Pricing1ft +50ft. +250ft. +1000ft. +
1/8"" x 48" x Custom$8.95$8.28$7.83$7.16

Product Reviews

Product Rating: 4.5  # of Reviews: 13

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Name: SPL
Review Date: 3/24/2014 3:11 pm
Rating: 3

rubber mats
looks tough and really is tough! The diamond pattern is great for high-intensity workouts where your feet are constantly on the move. I provides way better grip than my old wood flooring could ever hope to. Plus, it handles heavy weights really well. Now that I’ve set up all my equipment, I can use my home gym without damaging the subfloors.
Down side – it has a rubber smell!

Name: MSU Grad
Review Date: 3/16/2014 9:01 pm
Rating: 5

Great quality rubber rolls
We bought 5 sections of this diamond-plated rubber for my bike shop. It looks good, the price was right and it holds up against a lot of wear and tear.

Name: G.L.
Review Date: 3/12/2014 12:41 pm
Rating: 5

Free shipping on heavy rubber flooring, I like it!
I had a really good experience dealing with this company. The staff is professional and attentive, the product variety is really impressive, and the option for custom cutting is a huge plus! That is what enabled me to get free shipping on my rubber flooring. Otherwise I would have had too much rubber and a lot less money. In the end, the flooring installed easily enough and has been functioning great ever since. Thanks!

Name: F.D.
Review Date: 3/10/2014 9:32 am
Rating: 4

Waterpoof floor
This is probably one of my better investments. I like the fact that this rubber runner is resilient to water. I put them down in a swimming pool/locker room area. They also feel OK on bare feet but seem very durable so far. I would recommend this product if you want a waterproof floor.

Name: AIN
Review Date: 3/6/2014 11:07 pm
Rating: 5

good floor covering mats
The rubber runner mats do a nice job of covering up the cold ground and keeping our feet dry when the ground is wet. They feel tough on the feet but definitely bearable. But he quality is very good and I don’t think that I will be replacing them anytime soon.

Name: Pam I.
Review Date: 1/1/2014 2:08 pm
Rating: 4

Rubber mats were good and as expected
Product is what I expected. I was a little apprehensive as the ad pictured a cutaway section and since the rolls are black it did not show well in the photo. The rubber mat was the same as the heavy duty mat on other sites but the free shipping here makes it a great deal.

Name: P. Jarvis
Review Date: 12/26/2013 8:48 pm
Rating: 5

High quality floor cover
I ordered samples and got them from the company. Then I talked to a sales agent and ordered the rubber flooring in lengths that match my trailer. They rolls arrived in 3-4 days. The shipping was in time and the rubber rolls looked exactly like the sample. The matching size of the rolls made my installation a lot easier. I used a 2 sided tape to install the rolls. I made the back of the rolls a little roughened, so the tape grabs the rolls more. I think the part is important as the rolls are a little slick on their backside. The rubber mats look good after installation.

Name: Jack H.
Review Date: 12/25/2013 2:05 pm
Rating: 5

Replaced my old mats with this one
I got tired of the thin mats in the back of my truck and used bought this one to give more padding for my dogs and to keep some of the dirt above the carpet.. I love it! The dogs love it too, I am sure they are more comfortable.

Name: T.L.
Review Date: 12/19/2013 12:30 am
Rating: 5

Good Mat
This product was exactly what I was looking for and I searched many sources. I have been using it for a while now and it holds up well. Its a nice fit for my garage workshop.

Name: Brandon Leak
Review Date: 4/20/2016 8:24 am
Rating: 5

5 Stars?
After a month it's obvious it's working. The "six-pack" is starting to show and the love handles are melting away. Oh as for the product, it is a simple rubber floor and there is nothing fancy about it. Free shipping and a 15% discount made this a great deal.
Get it!

Name: Dana R.
Review Date: 7/24/2014 10:57 am
Rating: 4

Diamond-Plated Rubber
I was told that a rubberized floor covering would be good for my application. This flooring seemed like the perfect fit. I got a little more than I asked for, so I had some leftover rubber. But overall, I think the “diamond grip” texture is good. There is an odd rubber smell at first but it goes away.

Name: Will
Review Date: 7/7/2014 9:34 am
Rating: 4

Diamond Plate flooring
This flooring rubber roll is pretty good to use in a warehouse setting. The look and feel just fits right in. My project was a warehouse. The guys love it, but I ordered a little more than I needed. Wish I could send the remains back.

Name: Albert K.
Review Date: 5/19/2014 11:24 am
Rating: 5

Excellent customer service and an excellent product
Excellent customer service and an excellent product
Body: These guys didn’t give me the run-around. They were very straightforward with me and actually gave me a variety of recommendations for my project. I chose this one because I like the way it looks. Its also very resilient flooring. The protective properties make this a winner.

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